Step 2 – Exercise 1 – Hope

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Step Two

“Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

Exercise One

1. Read Step 2 from the Twelve and Twelve.

2. In your own words, define:

a. Hope
b. Believe

3. Think of an example in your life where you believed strongly in something and experienced positive results because of this belief. Write it down.

Lest we forget:
*Hope is the spiritual principle we practice in the Second Step.
*Continue to do your Daily Checklist at the end of each day.
*Perk your ears up and listen closely to for the key words believe, restore, sanity insanity and hoped discussed at meetings.
*At meetings, share about your experience with the Second Step.

You have one week to complete these exercises. At the end of the week, you will need to go over your Step Work with your sponsor and share with your stepworkshop group.

These exercises are not pass or fail. Please share your experiences with the other stepworkshop participants in a stepworkshop group and share below in the comments section.

To continue with the remaining exercises in the Stepworkshop, please register to attend our weekly online meetings. During the online Stepworkshop meeting, you will have the opportunity to review your work with the group and you will receive your new assignments and exercise for the following week.

The Stepworkshop Groups began on January 9, 2011. To start at the beginning of this Stepworkshop series, please go here.

To do ALL the assignments and exercises with complete instructions, you must register and attend our online Stepworkshop. Go here to register.

Everyone from the recovery community is welcome to share their thoughts on the speaker tapes or with working Step One. Please share your experience, strength and hope with us in the Comments sections below.

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